Everything About the Safety of Flight

So, why does safety flight still become the interesting topic to talk about? Preferably, before packing, recognize objects that are prohibited to take in the journey on the plane, because when at the airport will be checked with the metal detector and x-ray so that prohibited luggage will be issued immediately. Instead of luggage or luggage dismantled at the airport, you should not force yourself to carry illicit items such as liquor, sharp weapons, illegal drugs, fragile bottles, and other dangerous objects prohibited in flight. Don’t hesitate to visit us for any inquiry.

Also, make sure that you are boarding properly. One of the most important stages when boarding a plane is boarding, ie, getting into the plane, finding a seat, and putting luggage in the trunk of the cabin. At this stage, the crew will assist in directing passengers, especially with regard to the laying of luggage arrangements in the trunk. Make sure that you are sitting in the correct chair according to the data listed on the ticket, never sit in a chair that is not your right.