The Golden Jump Training Program

Folker system vert shock is one of the jumps training that been acknowledged by most of the coach and athlete even normal people outside the sports professionals who have interest in improving their jumping skills. This program got their certificate from NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) who known for their gold standard among other certification. This means that Folker system vert shock has the golden training program that surely will give you a maximum result of the program.

Folker system vert shock program consists of three phases with the main focus of the program is to train and develop the nervous system especially twitch muscle to maximize your jump ability. This focus exercise allows you to get maximum result in a short time. The exercise that offers also formulated to train the specific twitch muscles, it will decrease the injury risk of overtraining muscle and achieve the maximum capability of muscles to gain the higher jumping skills. The phase consists of 3 phase. Pre-shock phase requires a week training period with six days workout, shock phase requires six week training period with 4 to 6 days workout each week, and the last is post-shock phase requires a week training period with six days workout. Completing the entire phase will increase your jumping height up to 15 inches. This new jumping height need to maintain by doing three different kinds of workout suggested at least once per week. The entire workout offers do not require specific expensive training tools and specific places to be done, it can be done in the home using simple training tools. Folker system vert shock program has many advantages other than higher jump, it also improving your overall athletic performance and the package comes with many bonuses such as diet tips, motivation, etc. All of this only cost $67 currently, but the price can increase at the end of time offer. Achieve your golden jump using the vert shock golden program!