Massage Can Eliminate Tiredness

In the body is believed to have a flow of energy called chi, and this energy flows in a channel called meridians. And this meridian has many points connecting one part with other body parts. Giving a gentle massage at this point can ease your body complaints. You can use portable massage chair if you need a massage.

The emergence of complaints and pain is usually influenced by blockage and imbalance of chi energy flow. If acupuncture experts can do it, you can do it yourself by pressing some point along this meridian. Naturally putting pressure on a certain point will help you relieve fatigue in the body and help relieve pain as the body produces endorphins that are responsible for inhibiting pain in the nerves of the body. You can also use the thumb or forefinger and middle finger. Press each point for 3 minutes. Here is a point you can press with your fingers to restore your body’s energy instantly.

– The sole of the foot is about a few centimeters from the toes.
– Part bearing between thumb and index joints.