These are two things that youth often do in social media

As one of the things that are needed, the internet becomes a major requirement that is now used by everyone. In fact, in rural areas, the internet is still required to have a good connection. For this, internet rural comes to provide a good internet connection for all its users.

The many benefits that can be obtained from the internet make a person cannot leave this one thing. Young people today also increasingly become smart and creative because of the internet presence. There are some things that young people usually do on the internet, like

1. Creating Youtube Content
The presence of Youtube as a medium for watching videos makes people try to use them as a source of income. One way is to create creative content that will be watched by many people and will give them financial benefits.

2. Social Media
All young people even now have social media to express themselves. With social media they have, they can communicate and show their identity.